Our Services

Gauge Calibration – We can provide calibration and certification services for pressure and vacuum gauges. We are capable of calibrating and certifying pressure gauges from inches of water column up to 100,000 psig.

Gauge Repair –We can restore just about any gauge regardless of condition to its original condition. All gauges following repair will be dead weight tested and calibrated and will be guaranteed to have accuracy equal to the manufacturers’ stated standard.

Valve Testing – We can pressure test a valve to verify setpoint. Valve will be placed on a test stand and popped to verify valve performs within manufacturer tolerances.  A test report will be issued documenting the setpoint and test only tag will be affixed to the valve.

Valve Repair – We can restore to like new condition any manufacturers pilot or safety/relief valve. The valve will go through a complete reconditioning process. Each valve will be disassembled and cleaned. Parts will be checked to ensure they are still within manufacturer tolerances. Valve seating surfaces will be re-lapped to ensure seat tightness. Valve with then be reassembled and reset to original set pressure. The valve will then be tested, and a test report issued documenting the set pressure. A valve repair tag will then be affixed to the valve. All repair work on a valve will be done in a National Board VR certified repair facility and the VR stamp will be present on the tag of every ASME coded valve that is repaired.

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